LG: Local leaders in Bumthang, during the 13th dzongkhag tshogdu yesterday had a lengthy discussion on the abolishment of the post of geydrung.

Local leaders argued saying that the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) has made the recommendation without sufficient study.

Mangmis and gups said the RCSC did not even check the daily activity logbooks maintained by the gewog offices. “Making such proposals out of assumptions is ridiculous,” a local leader said.

Chumey Mangmi Kezang said RCSC officials never visited gewog offices to check what geydrungs do. “RCSC should research or conduct a study for the organisation development exercise and they will come to understand the ground realities,” he said.

He added that geydrungs are responsible for tax collections, preparation of documents and carrying out land transactions, among other clerical works. “The geydrung post also grooms capable gup candidates for the future,” he said.

Another gewog administrative officer said the past and present governments have pledged to provide improved services by equipping gewogs with enough human resources. “Now we talk about reducing the number of staff we already have,” he said.

Chokhor gewog administrative officer Kencho Tshering said the rationale that gewog administrative officers can take over the responsibilities of a geydrung is not accurate. “Gewog administrative officers have enough Plan related works and taking up the responsibilities of a geydrung is not possible,” he said.

Dzongkhag tshogdu members said the local government department only asked them for a written explanation on the post of the geydrung. “No further studies were done beyond that,” an official said.

Ura Mangmi Karma Wangdi said without geydrungs, problems would arise. “Geydrungs undergo exclusive trainings that other gewog officials do not,” he said.

As all the local leaders present opposed the idea of abolishing the post of geydrung, the tshogdu decided to retain the post for now.

Dzongkhag tshogdu Chairman, Chokhor Gup Sangla concluded that the RCSC had not carried out a thorough study to make such a recommendation.

Nima Wangdi | Bumthang