Nim Dorji | Trongsa

The dhamngoi zomdu for local government election in Bumthang completed on November 16 in Ura gewog.

The dzongkhag has 10 gup candidates.

According to election officials, 13 gup candidates contested the 20 dhamngoi zomdu, but only 10 were nominated. Officials also said there were 13 candidates for mangmi post, but 11 were nominated.

Tang gewog has the highest number of candidates nominated for the post of gup and mangmi.

Except for Dazur chiwog, all the four chiwogs in the gewog have a candidate for the post of gup. Tashi Dorji from Tandingang, Choki Dorji from Khangrab, Dorji Wangdi from Kidzom-Nimalung and former gup Ugyen Nima from Bebzur-Kuenzangdrag chiwogs will contest for the post of gup.

It is only Tandingang chiwog without candidate for mangmi. Damduela from Khangrab, Lekila from Kidzom-Nyimalung chiwog, Sangay Tshering from Dazur and Tshering Phuntsho from Bezur will contest for mangmi.

Ura, Chumey and Chhokhor gewog has two candidates each for gup.

Former gup Khandu Wangchuk from Ura-Dozhi and Lhawang Dhendup from Beteng-Pangkhar-Sumthrang will compete for the post of Ura gup.

Khandu Tshering from Tangsibi and Tashi Penjor from Beteng-Pangkhar-Sumthrang will contest for mangmi in Ura.

For the post of Chumey gup, the two candidates are former gup Jamphel from Zungnye and Thinley Dorji from Choongphel chiwogs. Sonam Tshering from Gyetsa and Kelzang from Domkhar chiwogs will contest for the post of mangmi.

Sangla from Nangsiphel-Zhabjithang-Zangling and Nima Dorji from Pedtsheling-Tamzhing chiwogs are the two candidates who will contest for the post of Chhokhor gup.

Ngawang Norbu from Dhur-Lusibi, Kencho Norbu from Nangsiphel-Zhabjithang-Zangling and Phuntsho Rabten from Dawathang-Dorjibi-Khashingtsawa chiwogs will contest for the post of mangmi.

Shingkhar and Shingnyer chiwogs of Ura gewog, Kharsa-Thangbi chiwog of Chhoekhor gewog and Phurjon chiwog of Chumig gewog did not have nomination for both gup and mangmi.

Edited by Tashi Dema