Nim Dorji | Trongsa

Except for Chhoekhor gewog, all former gups and thromde ngotshab (representatives) in Bumthang got re-elected, according to the provisional results dzongkhag electoral office declared yesterday.

The four gewogs, however, elected new mangmis.

Former thromde ngotshab Ugyen Sangay secured 398 votes against the other contestants, Namgay Dorji’s 290 votes and Sonam Tenzin’s 127 votes.

In Chhumey gewog, former gup Jampel was re-elected.  He secured 1,116 votes, whereas the other contestant, Thinley Dorji, secured only 511 votes.

The former Tang gup, Ugyen Nima, was also re-elected. He secured 633 votes. Among the other contestants, Choki Dorji secured 486 votes, Tashi Dorji got 270 and Dorji Wangdi got 131 votes.

In Ura gewog, former gup Khandu Wangchuk, won the LG election securing 567 votes. The other contestant, Lhawang Dhendup, got 508 votes.

In Chhoekhor gewog, Sangla is the new Chhoekhor gup. He secured 1,346 votes. He defeated the former gup in the chiwog election. The other candidate, Nima Dorji, got 875 votes.

Sangla was the first Chhoekhor gup from 2011 to 2016.

Meanwhile, all the four gewogs nominated new mangmis.

Choekhor gewog’s new mangmi is Kencho Norbu. He secured 985 votes. The other two candidates, Phuntsho Rabten and Ngawang Norbu, got 528 votes and 711 votes, respectively.

Both the gup and mangmi elect of chhoekhor gewog are from Nangsiphel-Zhabjithang-Zangling chiwog.

In Chumey, Kelzang Dorji from Domkhar chiwog is the new mangmi. He secured 1,006 votes. The other candidate, Sonam Tshering, secured 523 votes.

In Ura, Khandu Tshering from Tangsibi is the new mangmi. He secured 572 votes.

In Tang, Sangay Tshewang is the new mangmi. He won 612 votes to defeat the three other candidates in the gewog.