Vegetables: Bumthang has once again run out of green chillies, as shopkeepers have not received any supply from the government.  It’s now the third week that Bumthang is going without the most consumed spice in the country.

Many said they visit the vegetable shops every alternate day, hoping they can buy chillies but return home dissapointed.

Sonam Choden, 44, from Bebzur village in Tang was at the vegetable market looking for green chillies yesterday. She said her family is consuming dried red chilies for now. “But we are so used to consuming spicy green Indian chillies and we miss it.”

Yeshi Choden, 30, also from Bebzur was in town looking for green chillies. “My neighbours also asked me to buy green chillies if I find any in stock here.”

A vegetable vendor in Chamkhar town, Tara, said his chilli stock finished three weeks ago and he is now waiting for agriculture authorities to replenish his stock following orders he placed. He said chillies are one of the most sold vegetables in Bumthang and when they run out of it, their business is also affected.

Another vegetable vendor, Yeshi, said she finished her chilli stock two weeks ago. “I have placed an order for 50kgs from the agriculture officials who came to collect our orders. I hope they supply the chillies soon,” she said.

Nima Wangdi | Chamkhar