Nima Wangdi | Bumthang

Kencho Tshering, 40, from Chokhor Gewog, wins the National Council seat from Bumthang with 4,381 votes.

He secured 4,381 votes, defeating his opponent Kunzang Dorji who managed 2,261 votes.

Kencho Tshering enjoyed an early lead in both Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) and postal ballots, with 3,236 EVM votes and 1,145 postal ballots in his favour.

A total of 6,642 people cast their ballots out of the 10,836 registered voters in Bumthang.

Kencho Tshering, who also contested in the NC elections in 2018, expressed his determination to serve the people with loyalty and dedication. He also promised to fulfil all the pledges that he made during his campaign.

Out of 1,928 postal ballots dispatched, the dzongkhag received 1,818. Twelve postal ballots were deemed invalid, seven due to incomplete identity declaration certificates, and five because of incorrect voting.

Chumig and Ura gewogs, and Chamkhar Throm did not have aspiring candidates.

There were 18 polling stations in Bumthang.

Chhokhor Gewog had the highest number of registered voters (2,866), followed by Chhumig (2,537), Tang (2,027), Ura (1,639), and Chamkhar Throm (1,768).