Crime: Paro police apprehended a man for a series of six burglaries in Paro on February 4.

On February 3, the police received reports of two break-ins of two houses between 1pm-6pm in the Paro main town.

According to Paro police, the suspect stole two small knives from one house. The suspect  attempted to break-in the other house but was unsuccessful.

Again on February 4, police received reports of four houses being burgled at around 10:30am.  The housebreaker stole laptops, cash, a hard-drive and a camera from the two flats. The suspect attempted to enter two more flats but only managed to damage the doors.

When questioned, neighbours told police that they had seen an Alto car with tinted glass leaving the crime scene. To prevent it from leaving Paro, a search for the vehicle was launched.

A vehicle fitting the description was found parked near to a Paro workshop.

Upon investigation, police found that the vehicle belonged to the sister of a workshop owner.

While the owner of the vehicle initially did not cooperate with police, a laptop was found in one of the rooms of the car owner’s house. The vehicle’s owner claimed no knowledge of the laptop, according to police. The laptop was seized and found to belong to one of those robbed.

Following this, the brother of the workshop’s owner was detained by police. Police said he is suspected to be responsible for all six burglaries.

Police said most of the burglaries in Paro occur during the day. Police also pointed out that public negligence encourages such crimes. Police said burglaries could be reduced if residents asked neighbours to keep an eye on their homes when there are out.

Paro police are also investigating whether the same suspect is involved in other burglaries.

Paro police have recorded eight burglary cases this year. In 2013, Paro police recorded 47 burglaries and 25 in 2014.

By Dechen Tshomo