Neten Dorji  | Trashigang     

With the second phase of unlocking in Trashigang, Trashigang town is coming back to life. Traffic is becoming busier and shops and restaurants are opening to business.

Meanwhile, business entities, hoteliers and restaurateurs of the town are expecting more customers as offices and banks will open today.

A shopkeeper, Ugyen, said with the relaxation of lockdown, few customers visited her shops.  “With the movement of vehicles and people in the locality, I am expecting more customers today.”

Another shopkeeper, Tandin Wangmo, said most customers are villagers from nearby dzongkhag of Mongar and Trashiyangtse. “We make sure our customers follow safety measures before entering our shops.”

She said all business owners signed an undertaking letter with the dzongkhag administration stating that they will abide by health protocols.

A hotelier, Kamal Rasaily, said her customers are mostly highlanders and the hotel is out of business since highlanders don’t travel much.

Meanwhile, all officials are asked to exercise utmost diligence and full responsibilities to prevent the Covid-19.

Religious activities are confined to family members with strict health protocols.

The dzongkhag incident commander will have to approve religious personnel involved in the rituals. Participants should not be more than 30 people. For cremations, only 20 people will be allowed.

Conference or meetings will be allowed if the participants are from within the dzongkhag.