LG: Narang chiwog in Mongar nominated a businesswoman as their gup candidate for the upcoming local government election.

Dechen Zam, 28, secured 80 votes defeating three male candidates including the former Narang gup. The male candidates, former Narang gup Sonam Jamtsho secured 45 votes, Zaipa got 33 votes and Sangay Tenzin got 19 votes.

Dechen Zam will compete against Tandin Wangchuk, 37, from Thrinanphu chiwog on September 27 poll day.

The 2013 Sherubtse graduate with majors in Economics and Geography said villagers from Narang, friends and the Bhutan Network for Empowering Women encouraged her to contest for the post.

Dechen Zam also said she is contesting to inspire women and youth to participate in local government.

She said her primary goal, if she is elected, would be to enhance local economy and increase sources of income for farmers from crops and livestock. “Human-wildlife conflict is making the farmer’s life insecure,” she said. “I will bring hybrid seeds and Jersey cows to help farmer’s generate income and improve their living standards.”

Dechen Zam also promised to upgrade the Narang basic health unit (BHU) and school and maintain roads besides implementing the 11th Plan.

Gup candidate Tandin Wangchuk, who offers legal services in Mongar town, contested in the former LG election. He said he is contesting again because he wants to serve the community. “I am experienced and I know what the community wants,” he said.

Tandin Wangchuk said if people elect him as their gup, he would serve people with equity, justice and transparency.

He also claimed that he would use the gewog development fund provided by the government in all five chiwogs of the gewog through proper planning unlike how it was done during the previous gup’s tenure.

Tandin Wangchuk also said the traditional culture of helping each other in the community is fading and he would establish a committee to reintroduce such practices.

Meanwhile, Narang gewog has five mangmi candidates from each chiwog and 15 tshogpa candidates.

Tashi Phuntsho | Mongar

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