Cabinet endorses six months paid maternity leave

Health: The Cabinet has endorsed the proposed six months paid maternity leave along with six months flexi time.

Works and human settlement minister Dorji Choden said the cabinet reviewed and made necessary changes on the proposal in the recent Cabinet meeting. The approved proposal has been sent to the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC).

“The cabinet has approved it but it’s still work in progress,” lyonpo said adding that the Cabinet has approved the proposal of six months mandatory paid maternity leave along with six months of flexi time.

The six months flexi time would allow breastfeeding mothers in the civil service to work for half day.

“According to our plans, it should come through by January 1,” RCSC chairman Karma Tshiteem said.

Following a proposal from the government in January this year and a study by the commission, RCSC recommended that mothers be given six months paid maternity leave. The recommendations were submitted to the Cabinet for approval last month.

Extending maternity leave was also one of the pledges of the government.

Health minister Tandin Wangchuk said he welcomed the approval and is happy that the Cabinet has endorsed it.

As of June this year, there are 9,210 female civil servants, which constitute 34.4 percent of the total 26,699 civil servants. Of that 8,847 females are regular civil servants and 363 are on contract. During the last eight years, almost an equal number of females and males entered the Civil Service.

The sector with the lowest number of female civil servants falls under the arts, culture and literary group, which includes culture officers and translation services, among others, at 0.02 percent.

As per the labour force survey 2014, a majority of women are employed in the agriculture sector at 101,425 followed by 36,238 in the private sector while the armed force employs 562 female and 236 are in the non-government organizations.

Nirmala Pokhrel

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  1. dolphice
    dolphice says:

    Dear Acho Tob’s
    we are the richest in the world. Our domestic revenue from tax is highest in the world, we are only one country that beat the world top economic countries. we are very humane and we are enlightened.
    …………the joke is….government is looking to run the 2nd term by exploiting peoples money..uhmm…i have wife, i have sisters who is going to give birth but never keen in this kind of endorsement put to RCSC. And further RCSC should be wise not to approve such sucks.
    Keep an example for countries who’s revenue annually is over thousands of billion of dollar, they have one month paid maternity leave and further the flexi time up to one year is unpaid. This is wise legislation by wise people’s government…unlike our shit.
    This is time we grow and grow to self sufficiency rather going to India to beg for yearly plan budget. India should not let the grant money go in air…Bhutan Government act Rich But never realized her people are more Rich..
    Please Acho Tobgay…dont spent our money in air, build good network of roads, communication system and many more…you are more likely to run the next government by this not by full filling those shit pledges

    Sincerely Yours


  2. sibidai
    sibidai says:

    Agreed with Chagola..
    The option of 6 month maternity leave is great for new mothers but the rule framers need to look at it more holistically.
    The rule will impact female employment opportunities not only in private sector but public sector too. Every women is bound to become a mother one day or other and that means she will avail leave, which means any employer even in public service will unconsciously choose to employ a male over a female.
    So, it would be better if this particular rule is discussed more thoroughly, specially by female law makers and bureaucrats and examined for flaws in all kinds of scenarios before implementing.
    That will be more appropriate to make our ‘mothers’ Happy.

  3. Chagola
    Chagola says:

    While women who are employed in the government can enjoy the benefits of the present act/rule on maternity leave, I see a huge risk being posed. Think of the potential young ladies who would like to get employed by private companies, corporate bodies and the like. Their chances of getting employed are now further trimmed by the act in the making. When this act takes care of a handful, it neglects the large section of ladies. Hey, what about those unemployed women, particularly housewives? They do not even stay in bed for a week, but rather start doing all sorts of household chores. Do we care about them rather than just the privileged civil servants only? So, I would suggest the RCSC and cabinet be wise in passing such an act that is more detrimental to the large section of society and beneficial to a few elite and privileged.

  4. Nobkin
    Nobkin says:

    Dear lodrai…
    It is very nice of you to have voiced your opinion on behalf of working mothers who have delivered in the December month. However, we usually tend to go closer with reasons such as yours. There will be yet another group who will reason out November is as close as December. What I mean here is there will be chains of complaint if we allow such things. So, in my opinion, it would be best if we follow the January date line. That is with effect from January first, 2016.

  5. Serious
    Serious says:

    How about those who delivered within this December month and they are already in maternity leave for 3 months … So anychances of extending their leave… I feel they should get the extension cos … The decision was within their leave period …

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