LG: Sangay Tenzin, who lost from Kipse constituency for the thrompon post for Samdrupjongkhar thromde submitted a petition to the dzongkhag election dispute settlement committee yesterday.

The aspiring candidate expressed his dissatisfaction about the zomdu process.

Sangay Tenzin mentioned in the letter that he was “not at all” satisfied with the zomdu proceeding and that polling officers did not give him credible answers when he questioned them.

Sangay Tenzin secured 39 No and 35 Yes votes. The candidate also refused to accept the zomdu result.

He said that he cannot accept defeat without proper justification because the zomdu proceeding hampered the people from selecting the right candidate. “Mistake is a mistake, be it small or big,” he said.

Sangay Tenzin’s seven-point petition demanded justifications and that the committee resolve the issue.

He mentioned that some voters had to return following lapses with the draft electorate roll and missed the chance to cast their votes.

Among other points, Sangay Tenzin mentioned non-declaration of conflict of interest. He questioned how thromde officials can be directly involved in conducting the zomdu. One of the team members was a Samdrupjongkhar thromde official, he added.

“This I feel is not as per the election norms and it undermines the election procedures,” Sangay Tenzin said.

Sangay Tenzin further pointed out that as per the election rules and regulations no other documents shall be allowed other than a VPIC issued by the Election Commission of Bhutan, but the officials on duty accepted CID and also photocopies of CID when a voter could not produce VPIC.

“I asked those experienced in election process and also election officials in Thimphu and I was told this cannot be accepted because the norms clearly mentions that a voter should produce only VPIC,” he said.

Sangay Tenzin also said candidates should be seated inside the voting room with officials on duty as observers and restrict free movement. However, the former tshogpa from Kipse constituency, who is also re-contesting for the same post, was allowed to move freely and mingle with the voters. “This is questionable and I am highly suspicious of corruption.”

The letter also mentioned that the zomdu should be nullified based on the election norms.

Dzongdag Tharchen Lhendup, who is a chairman of the committee, said the petition will reviewed and discussed.

Yangchen C Rinzin | Samdrupjongkhar