From left: Tikaram Kafley and Tshering Norbu after the debate

Nima | Gelephu

The two candidates of Gelephu thromde elections, former Thrompon Tikaram Kafley and Tshering Norbu faced each other for the second time in as many thrompon elections. While the former boasted of his track record, the latter drew out what had been missed.

Tshering Norbu, who lost in the 2016 thrompon elections, picked on the Tikaram Kafley’s unfulfilled pledges.

He said that the pledges such as starting a special economic zone and construction of royal boulevard have not materialised and water supply in the thromde was still a problem. 

“I have a feeling that the pledges made in the past five years were left as pledges. The election this time is important. It’s important that the people elect a competent and faithful thrompon,” he said.  

He added that any development and changes in Gelephu thromde have the potential to benefit the country as a whole. Many activities had to be redone. 

Candidate Tikaram Kafley responded in equal measure emphasising his successes in initiating development activities he had not pledged. “We have constructed mini dry port, built boulder stockyard, and many more,” he said. 

He pledged to promote urban agriculture to use fallow land should he win the contest again.  

“I worked hard with the support from the people. I have the experience and I hope people support to continue working hard for the people,” said Tikaram Kafley.  

The debate focused on the need to have a reliable water supply in Gelephu with more people expected to settle in Gelephu in near future. Both the candidates discussed the Balukhop water project, which the thromde is already working on to meet the increasing water demand of the thromde. 

The public debate also highlighted the need to strengthen and secure the thromde water treatment plant in Maochhu, which suffered frequent damages from flood and dredging activities. 

Former Thrompon, Tikaram Kafley highlighted the need to carry out the activities near the treatment plant with proper technical assessment. “I hope such activities that hamper the seepage of water won’t be initiated in the future,” he said. 

The candidates also used the platform to clarify the pledges and issues that were raised during the common forums. They talked about the need to address the concerns of the residents and consult them while planning and implementing development activities as a thrompon. 

Tshering Norbu said that it was important to hear the concerns of the people and digitalize thromde services. “We need to prepare standard application format to save time and to provide service swiftly. This would help people,” he said. 

Tikaram Kafley pleaded with the people to vote for better welfare, better convenience, and better comfort.

Tshering Norbu requested the people to vote for strong leadership, balanced development and digitized Thromde services.