Representatives of the four political parties in Trongsa’s Draateng-Langthel constituency have summited a letter to returning officer (RO) requesting not to conduct a door- to-door campaigning in the constituency.

Party representatives of Nubi-Tangsiji constituencies have started door-to-door campaigning.

The letter was submitted on September 5.

Draateng-Langthel constituency’s BKP candidate, Karma Galey, said: “We had a discussion among the candidates and decided not to go door-to-door campaign, which is creating unnecessary problems among the people.”

He also said that party representatives and supporters would not to campaign.

DPT’s Ugyen Namgyal said that common forums were fruitful and door-to-door campaign was not necessary. “Door-to-door campaign is disturbing harmony in the communities,” he said.

PDP’s Namgay Dorji said: “We don’t want controversies and disharmony in the constituency. People have already decided as which party they would like to vote for and so door-to-door campaigning is unnecessary.”

DNT’s Gyem Dorji said the main reason for the request was to curb corruption.

Trongsa has a total of 10,250 eligible voters.

Ugyen Dorji | Trongsa