As the campaign for the primary round nears completion, People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) Panbang candidate Lungten Dorji, 54, concluded his campaign yesterday.

He still has a day to campaign but the candidate has decided to spend the time discussing issues with the party coordinators and the supporters. In the last three days, Lungten Dorji conducted door-to-door campaign in some villages of Goshing, Langthang, Sonamthang, Yumdang, and Marangbi.

Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party’s (BKP) Panbang candidate, Tshering Lhendup, 30, said he is confident to win the primary round. Tshering Lhendup, who is from Phangkhar, was doing door-to-door campaign in Goshing yesterday and will conclude at his home village Phangkhar today.

DNT’s Bardo-Trong candidate, Sonam Leki, 38, was in Dhakphal, Kikhar and Tali yesterday to wrap up his door-to-door campaign after visiting households in Buli and Tingtibi. He said he was trying to cover as many households as possible.

But the candidate is confident that the people this time will vote for change. “If their words are true than DNT will surely reach to the people,” he said.

DPT’s Bardo-Trong candidate, Gyambo Tshering, said he sees good chance for his party in this round. “Since I am contesting for the second time, people understand it,” he said. He was on the way to his village Khomshar but has no plans to do door-to-door campaign in his village. “It won’t be possible to do it in a day.”

PDP’s Leki Dorji said hard work has always been his trademark. “I place loosing or winning in the hands of the electorate.”

He also could not cover all the villages because of limited time. He said the voters have decided which party to support.

Bardo-Trong’s BKP candidate, Kesang Choden, said she was lucky to have met a good number of people.

She said she was prepared to give her best and convince the people. “All four candidates are trying their best,” she said.

She and her party supporters and coordinators split into two teams to reach to the public and had managed to cover 30 villages as of yesterday.

She will visit Dhakphel village on the way to Tingtibi, which has around 15 households.

Some candidates said that the people were reluctant to attend to their calls as they have lost trust in politics and the candidates.

Zhemgang has two constituencies, Bardo-Trong and Panbang.

Tashi Tenzin | Zhemgang