The last of the Chonduri singers

Tradition: Be it gewog or private festivals, consecration of a new house or any type of celebratory event in the village, it would be incomplete without the "chonduri" singers of Choekhorling gewog.

CDD - A visual feast

Review: He has outdone himself again. Gyem Dorji has taken another namthar from the scholarly realm of Choeked texts and delivered it ready for mass consumption, complete with the veritable colours and sounds that film affords.

Business booms in Panbang

As a result of new highways and tourism

Development: With a handful of shanty bamboo huts the place once looked desolate but that is changing now.

Young people come to save village tradition

Tshechu: Choekhorling gewog in Pemagatshel was near losing its age-old tradition. Not many young people are left in the villages to carry on the responsibility of preserving and promoting village traditions and cultures. And the old have retired.

First 'crowd funded' novel launched

Literary: A romantic novel, Chronicle of a Love Foretold, by Monu Tamang became the first Bhutanese “crowd funded” book to be launched by the Writers Association of Bhutan (WAB) on Saturday.

Dasho Neten relishes retired life fighting garbage

Profile: Dasho Neten Zamgmo, the former Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) chairperson, described herself as happy and satisfied post-retirement.

The former chairperson moved to Dewathang in Samdrupjongkhar after her retirement to be the executive director of the Samdrupjongkhar Initiative (SJI), a civil society organization founded by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche.

From the broken windows of Nyizergang

Our reporter Jigme Wangchuk goes to visit the seat of great Khenchen Ngawang Thinley Lhundup in Thimphu. What he finds there is a painful story of neglect and dilapidation.

Lhakhang: Up the fantastically harrowing and jagged dirt road that winds up from the Zero Point in Babesa, Thimphu, the journey reels like a ride in a bad dream. And it goes on, the journey, like it will never end.

Cypress cultivation rescues fallow lands

Acute water shortage has pushed a group of farmers to grow cypress for incense production 

Forest: After failing to cultivate maize and chilli due to acute water scarcity, Tshering, 38, from Kumchi village found a solution to make a living by planting cypress on his six-acre land.

Farmers shift to growing hardwood

Income: Mandarin trees are dying due to citrus greening in Panbang, Zhemgang.

Ngadha, a farmer, said that despite investing over Nu 6,000 to improve the management, he has not been able to make a penny from the tress in three years.

Sheep farming to be revived in Bumthang

Livestock: A project has begun to revive indigenous sheep farming in Bumthang and to conserve its native breed, Jakar type, whose population has been declining since the 90s.

Cardamom farming goes viral in Dophuchen

Farmers have started to grow the spice in paddy fields

Agriculture: Cardamom cultivation has spread like a wildfire in Dogap, an isolated settlement in Dophuchen (Dorokha), Samtse.

Crossroad: A romance without the soapy drama

Review: Crossroad, Karma Sangay's new movie, is a story of an individual struggle that is also a portrayal of modern times. Spun around the themes of friendship, love, revenge, child abuse and sacrifice, the romantic thriller puts you at the edge of your seat.

Samtse town is beginning to take some shape at long last

Development: So it has been, the sate of Samtse town, for what appears to have been like two centuries, said the town residents.