Ancient tradition of divination and cure on the wane

Culture: Declining number of Pow and Nejoms (shamans) in the locality has left the people of Punakha worried.

DOS to go for competence based training

Trainees feel some VTI courses are too long

VTI: If not many youth are taking up vocational trades willingly, the duration of some courses is discouraging school dropouts from taking up vocational trainings.

Organic dreams from Alpine Austria

Farming: Two sprightly young men from Bumthang have brought home from the northern Alps new dreams of organic farming. They recently returned from a two-month sojourn in a country where the combination of chilli and cheese doesn’t become ema datshi, but chilli cheese, a particular kind of cheese.

A gift for homeless in Trashigang

Charity: Ap Zhokpo, 64, looks by much older than he is. From Yabrang in Trashigang,  Ap Zhokpo can barely walk, even with the help of his walking stick.

Collaring the Manas tigers

Study: The maiden tiger radio collar programme began at the Royal Manas National Park (RMNP) in Panbang, Zhemgang since November 4.

Blame the hail and rain

Agriculture: Trashigang surpassed the dzongkhag’s paddy production target last year by a huge margin. This year, however, the farmers worry that the harvest might not be as good.

Urgent Run campaign to improve state of public toilets

Bhutan Toilet Organisation’s 120 members across the country will clean and maintain all public toilets

Volunteer: In another two weeks, Bhutan Toilet Organisation would have thoroughly cleaned and maintained all urban public toilets across the country.

The mysterious case of vanishing cattle

About 20 cows and bulls have been reported missing in the last three years in Tashi Gatshel village 

Livestock: It’s a cold November night. The hoteliers who occupy most of Tshimasham, Chukha have long called it a night except for a giant white bull and its two black calves that stroll the town’s highway.

Waiting for electricity

Villagers left in the dark while the local BPC office awaits poles to connect them

BPC: Martshala gewog received electricity in 2005, but more than 30 households in the gewog are still without electricity.

The clay statue maker of Ramtogtok

The artist plans to make statues affordable for every Bhutanese 

Sculpture: Six years ago when Kuenga had accompanied his uncle for a pilgrimage to Kathmandu, Nepal, he had little idea that the trip would make such an impact on his life.

The fit centenarian of Lhamoizingkha

Profile: Lhamoizingkha’s oldest resident, Bhim Bahadur Basnet is 104 years old and relishing the dassain celebrations with his generations of family members.

Where are the White-bellied Heron juveniles?

For the last 13 years, the number of this critically endangered bird has not increased in Berti, Zhemgang 

Conservation: The number of White-bellied Heron (ardea insignis) in Berti, Zhemgang has hasn’t increased for the last 13 years according to villagers and forestry officials at Tingtibi Park Range (TPR).

The last hat weavers of Laya

There are only two traditional hat weavers in the gewog today 

Tradition: When the village festivals draw near, many women in Laya flock to the village hat weaver, Dodo.

The festivals are times women in the village don new traditional attire including the conical headgear.