To ensure safe parking at the newly constructed double storied parking lot in Trashigang, the municipality office will install at least 11 close circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the core town by the end of this month.  

The new parking lot that resembles a flyover bridge has an underground parking provision. Municipal officials said that residents in the upper market area would have to park their vehicles at the underground parking to decongest the road.

“To ensure safety of the vehicles we will install eight CCTV cameras and also provide proper lighting services underneath,” said an engineer with the municipal office. 

Another CCTV camera will be installed at the parking space above. Two more cameras will be mounted at the Mithidrang bridge and the bus terminal near the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) office.  

Officials said that three more cameras would be installed as per the requirement of the public.   

Thromde thuemi, Thinley Namgay, said that besides providing security for vehicles, the cameras would also help monitor the growing garbage issue in the town. He said that despite several inspections and attempts to monitor the issue physically, it was not effective. 

Waste from the vegetable vendors, plastic bottles, carton boxes and napkins fill the Mithidrang stream. “No one takes the responsibility for the waste which compels us to form groups and clean the whole stretch every month,” said the thuemi. “With the installation of the CCTV, we expect people to be more responsible with their waste.” 

Thinley Namgay added that the presence of cameras would also deter crime. “Recently we have had few cases of burglary in the town. This initiative would deter individuals from committing any sort of crimes.”

Once installed, the traffic police division would monitor the cameras. The initiative is expected to cost about Nu 0.26 million. 

Meanwhile, it was learnt that in a meeting conducted last week, a committee comprising of RSTA, municipality and traffic officials decided to shift the taxi parking space at the new parking lot. 

The decision comes after members of the Trashigang taxi association raised concerns on the new location of the taxi parking (near the RSTA office.)

Trashigang taxi tshogpa, Tshewang Dorji, said that although he was not called for the meeting, the decision comes as good news for the cabbies. “The decision to provide us a space at the new parking lot is comforting,” he said. 

Municipal officials said that once the parking lines are drawn, the office would start removing the vehicles that are currently parked alongside the road. “Parking space crunch should not be an issue in Trashigang anymore.” 

Younten Tshedup | Trashigang