Chhimi Dema

In an attempt to ease monitoring of construction sites, the Construction Development Board (CDB) launched the mobile application for its monitoring officials and inspectors yesterday.

The app was developed aligning to provisions stated in the Monitoring Guideline 2018. Monitoring checklists as prescribed in the Guideline are embedded in the app.

CDB’s Deputy Executive Engineer Budhi Man Shingdan said that using ICT such as this app enables effective and efficient monitoring and reporting systems in the construction sector.

Current monitoring mechanism of compiling reports and observations from sites consumes time. The printed data maintained by monitoring inspectors became outdated when officials reached contractors’ offices or sites.

Using the app, monitoring officials would be able to add reports from construction sites with pictorial evidence that enable prompt decisions by the monitoring committee for defaulters, if any.

Reports filed by officials from construction sites are saved in the CDB server to generate reports at any time.

The app was also developed to maintain transparency and accountability in the construction sector.

The app will process three modes of monitoring namely office establishment, ongoing construction sites, and private constructions.

CDB plans to develop an app for contractors, consultancy firms, architects and construction professionals to avail online services.