GNH Centre Bhutan (GNHCB) opened stalls related to health and wellbeing at the Centenary Park, Thimphu yesterday to celebrate the Gross National Happiness (GNH) day and the birth anniversary of His Majesty The Fourth King.

With the theme “Expressions of Happiness”, individuals and groups from home and abroad took to the stage.

The students of Jigme Losel Primary School (JLPS) in Thimphu presented the four pillars of GNH, GNH-related activities at the school, and a dance performance.

Teaching the students Bhutanese traditional dances, lozey, and astrology are among the many activities in the school aimed at instilling GNH values.

JLPS’s principal Choki Dukpa, said that although the school didn’t have a specific subject for the students to study GNH, an hour-long programme was managed by the school everyday to learn the values of GNH.

“We understand the importance of GNH and our school and the teachers are trying to teach that. And we have heard from the outsiders that our students are always well behaved and respectful. We are really proud of them.”

Individuals and groups from China, Bangladesh, America, and India also performed at the celebration yesterday.

There were stall for medical checkup, pranic healing, and traditional medicine, among others.

The event was supported by B-Grimm, Bangkok, Le Meridien Thimphu, Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC), and Bhutan Printing Solutions.

Phurpa Lhamo