Yangyel Lhaden

In a world where days often blend together, there’s one that stands out, glowing with love and gratitude for the women who complete lives: Mothers.

In Bhutan, the national Mother’s Day is celebrated on the descending day of Lord Buddha. However, children didn’t miss the opportunity to honour their mothers on International Mother’s Day yesterday. Mothers, whether near or far, were celebrated, with many expressing the sentiment that mothers deserve appreciation every day or whenever the chance arises.

For Tshering Yangki, Mother’s Day transcends being just a date on the calendar; it’s a moment to deeply contemplate the profound influence her mother has had on her life.

“Every year, our siblings come together to plan a simple yet heartfelt surprise for our mother,” Tshering Yangki said. “This time, it was my younger sister who took the lead in orchestrating this mini but meaningful surprise for the most cherished woman in our family.”

As Tshering Yangki engaged in the flurry of last-minute preparations and the frantic rush to create a heartfelt video message for their mother, it was evident that Mother’s Day transcends extravagant gifts or grand gestures. “Aside from my sister taking charge or any of us leading the event,” she said, “it’s about uniting, whether near or far, to remind our mother of our boundless love for her. Whether extravagant or simple, it’s about everyone coming together to honour the most cherished woman in the family.”

Prakash, a teacher, believes that every day should be Mother’s Day. “Just a day in the month of May is not enough for me to celebrate Mother’s Day,” Prakash said. “She is everything, she is my every reason for survival, my life is fully dedicated to her.”

Tsephel Pelmo, a student studying abroad, reflecting on the significance of Mother’s Day, emphasised the importance of celebrating not just one’s own mother, but all maternal figures who have touched their lives. “Mother’s Day is a day when I honour and cherish my grandmother and my mother for their unwavering love, selflessness, and wisdom throughout my life,” Tsephel Pelmo said. “It’s a day to celebrate love, gratitude, and contemplation of moms’ priceless influence on our lives and the world at large.”

Tsephel said that she felt more home sick during Mother’s Day.

Yesterday, children living abroad made their mothers feel special by sending small gifts, organising dinner parties, and cakes for celebration. Social media pages were filled with pictures of beautiful mothers posted by their children, wishing them a happy Mother’s Day.

Sonam Choden, a mother of two, was surprised to find money deposited into her account. Minutes later, her daughters, who live abroad, video called her to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Touched by the gesture, Sonam Choden said: “My children wish me every Mother’s Day. When your children are not around, and they still make you feel special, it is a very emotional moment for me.”