Crime: The prime suspect in the Central Plaza murder, Gyembo, was arrested on February 8, the police chief said in a press conference, yesterday.

Police chief, brigadier Kipchu Namgyel, said that a citizen’s arrest had been made, and that the suspect had been handed over to Punakha police.

The police chief added that a reward of Nu 20,000 was dispatched yesterday to the individual, who had arrested and handed over the prime suspect.

It was pointed out that the prime suspect had been interrogated and found to have a criminal record.  The suspect served a prison term of a year and three months.  Police are on the look out for a second suspect, who was present when the murder occurred, and are appealing for the person to come forward to serve as a witness.

The incident occurred on January 13.

A sweeper had found the victim, identified as Phub Tshewang, 29, from Paga goenpa, Chapcha, in a pool of blood.

Police ruled the case as a homicide, and found that the victim had been murdered in an attic flat, and then thrown off the balcony.  The flat belonged to Gyembo, who went missing following the incident.

In the press conference yesterday, police said that Gyembo and Tshewang, who had been under the influence of a drug, had got into a physical fight in Gyembo’s attic flat, following an argument.

In the process, the two threw bricks at each other, and eventually ended up with Tshewang being incapacitated, after being repeatedly hit on the head with a brick.  Gyembo then dragged Tshewang and threw him over the balcony.

By Gyalsten K Dorji