Nim Dorji | Trongsa

While conservationists and netizens enjoyed the viral video clip on social media where a royal bengal tiger was magnificently staring at a camera from the cliff of Thumadrak in Trongsa, residents of Nubi gewog are worried.

Villagers said they are scared they will lose more cattle to the tiger.

In the northern end of Trongsa, Jongthang village is located amidst dense forest. Farmers have been losing cattle every year.

A farmer, Sigyel, said tigers killed his four cows at the same time. “I reported it to forest officials, but nothing was done.”

Villagers are now worried tigers might harm them, as they are coming nearer to the settlement now.

Sigyel said they hear tigers roaring from nearby forests. “Kids get scared. It’s not safe to go to the forest without friends.”

He claimed he saw the big cat while he was herding cattle. “All of the cattle started running in one direction suddenly.”

Villagers, who usually allow the cattle to graze freely, are now herding them.

A villager from Karshong, Kuenzang Yangzom, said they now have to herd cattle for the whole day.

Since it is winter vacation, students help parents herd cattle in the villages.

Farmers have also lost oxen to the big cat when they were about to begin farming.

They said they would be grateful if they were compensated.

“If there is no compensation, many villagers have to bear a huge loss, as the tigers do not leave anything,” Ugyen Lhamo from Karzhong said.