Naro gewog elects comedian Gyem Tshering as gup

Yangyel Lhaden

Securing the highest votes on electronic voting machine in all chiwogs, former Chang gewog mangmi Sonam Zangmo is the gup elect from Chang gewog.

She defeated former Chang gup Ugyen by securing almost double the votes.

Sonam Zangmo said that it was encouraging to see more people voting for women leaders. “It is overwhelming to see people of Chang voting women as their gup and mangmi.”

Former tshogpa of Yoeselpang chiwog, Jamyang Lhamo, is the mangmi elect of Chang gewog.

Jamyang Lhamo said that she believed people voted for her because she did not fail her duties while serving as a tshogpa. “If I live long enough, I want to contest for the post of gup in next local government election (LG).”

While Chang voted for change, people of Darkarla gewog voted for the gup they have been voting for the last four LG elections.

Gup elect Dago has served for 20 years and he will continue to serve five more years.

There were four candidates for gup post in Darkarla gewog.

People of Maedwang gewog also voted for their former gup from the first local government election, Tandin Pema.

Tandin Pema secured 48 more votes than the former gup Chencho Tenzin, who secured 834 votes. The gewog had four gup candidates.

In Ge-Nyen gewog, Kencho is a gup elect. Kencho secured 188 votes. The gewog had four gup candidates.

Dawa Tshering is gup elect from Kawang gewog. He secured 615 votes and his competitor Norbu Gyeltshen got 312 votes.

In Lingzhi, of the three gup candidates, Wangdi is the gup elect. He secured 107 votes.

In Naro, popular comedian Gyem Tshering is the gup elect.

Meanwhile, Soe gewog’s LG election will be conducted on January 6.

The lone gup aspirant, Kencho Dorjee, along with eight other LG candidates’ audit clearances were revoked last month by Royal Audit Authority (RAA), but reinstated on December 6.