Change in DT schedule irks gups

Seven gewogs were unable to bring issues from the field to the DT

 LG: Seven of its eight gewogs were unable to table their issues at Lhuentse’s seventh dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) because of a change in schedule.

Except for Jarey gewog, whose gup is also the DT chairman, the other gewogs had no agenda for discussion when the DT was held on April 3.  The DT however discussed issues from the dzongkhag and endorsed the annual budget for 2015-16.

Local leaders blamed the dzongda and the DT chairperson Kuenzang Jurme for changing the schedule from April 6 to April 3 and creating the confusion.

Tsaenkhar gup Tsheten Wangdi said, based on the DT chairperson’s information of holding the DT on April 6 and 7, the gups had decided to organise the gewog tshogde before the DT.

But the dzongkhag administration later informed him that the session would be held on April 3. “That’s why we didn’t get time to organise the gewog tshogde and get issues from the people,” gup Tsheten Wangdi said.

Minjey gewog gup Jigme Tshewang said that it seemed the dzongda and the chairperson weren’t on good terms. “Local leaders are confused as we receive orders from both of them,” he said.

Gangzur gewog gup Karma also said that the DT was an important forum to discuss issues from the people. “If we can’t raise the issues people face, then what’s the point of attending the session?” he said.

The gups said that, as per DT rules, the authority should give time to the gewogs to hold gewog tshogde and a preliminary discussion before holding the DT session.

During the session, Lhuentse dzongda, Sonam Wangyel, said that he was surprised to know that the DT was scheduled for April 6 and 7, while the planning officer had informed him that the DT should endorse the annual budget by April 5.

“The reason for conducting the session on April 3 was to endorse the budget,” the dzongda said. “This was also discussed with the DT chairman and the same was conveyed to the thuemis.”

DT chairman and Jarey gup, Kinzang Minjur, said that before attending the annual budget meeting in Thimphu, a meeting was held with all the gups in presence of the dzongrab, where it was agreed that the chairperson would set the dates.

After the annual budget meeting, he informed the DT secretary Tashi Gyeltshen to consult the zakar and also inform the dzongda.  However, the DT secretary was unable to do so, due to some personal problems at home.

He said he then checked the zakar himself and informed the DT secretary that the session would be held on April 6 and 7, and that the agenda from all gewogs should reach them by April 3.  The preliminary session was scheduled for April 4.

The DT secretary then informed the schedule to the dzongda. “As the chairman, I performed my duty by confirming the date,” Kinzang Minjur said, while the DT secretary Tashi Gyeltshen said he did his part by listening to the dzongkhag administration, the dzongda and the chairman.

By Tashi Phuntsho, Lhuentse

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    Singchen please do have a second thought and ask yourself, “Am I really a citizen of this nation?” Your thoughts are full of negativism; think positively, you will not climb to Dzongdag’s position just like stealing cucumber from somebody’s garden and eating so nicely without sharing with your peers.
    Gups are elected ones, no matter what criticisms they raised; there are no repercussions like civil servants. This mindset in our fledgling democracy is really disturbing. This throws back the question, “Don’t we require certain qualifications to become local leaders?”
    Lhuentse Dzongkhag has eight Gewogs, i.e. eight Gups. All of them have a second wife and Thrizin has 21 children. Because of his children, Jarey ECR was not able to close.
    Gangzur Gup is second in terms of children, i.e. 19, but has 3 wives, all still fresh and ready to mingle.
    Tsengkhar Gup has exchanged his wife with his peer, and now they live happily. He is only the Gup in Lhuentse who barks like street dog and ends like pet dog. He is sure to contest even next year in election. He face turns red when he speaks in Public, and if you don’t believe me, ask DYT secretary.
    Minji Gup is thought to be silent and dignified in terms of decorum, but he is popularly know in his Gewog for sealing opposite on where his designation is written. If you don’t believe this ask his GAO, once he had to re-print where Gup had sealed oppositely on a census-related paper.
    Now comes Minbi Gup, he is absolutely flexible, of course monk by childhood. He is Thrizin Wongmo and in terms of thinking, he is better than arrogant Thrizin.
    Maedtsho Gup is soon going to be the proprietor of transport service within the Gewogs. He once got divorced and even approached Lhuentse District Court. So calm and unruffled, he works so slowly. Very recently, he divorced with his second wife and joined back with the former. If you don’t believe this ask his Gadrung, Om Badur Gurung.
    Khoma Gup and Kurtoe Gup are sociable and effable, but the latter is silencer, dignified and decorous. The bad news is that latter has two sangyum, though they live separately.
    Our democracy has lots of freedom of speech and expressions for elected body than bureaucratic people. There is always a repercussion if civil servants raised something.
    Lhuentse Dzongdag’s always attempt to go by the rule, but Gups want flexible like Kula Gangri, which is the main problem. They think they can raise whatever they like and the main problem in Lhuentse is Gups and Mangmis never show any respect to Dzongdag.
    If Thrizin have listened to what DYT recommended not to conduct Tsogdue, the problems would not have arisen it!

  2. singchen
    singchen says:

    The main reason for shifting the DT meeting schedules to date 3 mainly for convenience purpose for Dzongda as he has to rush for Khadar offering ceremony of his in law brother who appointing as New Dasho Dzongda may be in Bumthang. This information was not given even to DT chairman of the meeting dates as there is some conflicts between Dzongda and even sector head under him. Dzongda always stats that he is from high level person and from rich family otherwise Gups are just selected by people for certain terms. He never wants to listen from other people only he want is just give order. So if its is democratic world then give chance to people…..

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