Chazam-Trashiyangtse highway remains blocked at 7.5km from Chazam to Doksum since 6am yesterday due to a dry landslide in the area.

According to officials from the Department of Roads’ (DoR) regional office in Trashigang, since the landslide is still active, the machines couldn’t be deployed to clear the block.

Officials said that the landslide has destroyed a beehive, which has made it difficult for the workers to begin clearance works.

“Also since the site is unstable currently, it is expected that the adjacent loose cracks would slide down at any time,” said one of the officials.

This is the same location where a huge boulder blocked the highway earlier in August this year.

Commuters along the highway are requested to take the Bartsam-Ramjar-Doksum route via Riju in Trashigang.

Staff Reporter