Chicken Breast (Boneless) 100 gms

Cashewnut 100 gms

Cream 100 ml

Garlic 10 gms

Ginger 10 gms

Yoghurt (curd) 100 gms

Garam masals 5 gms

Oil 50 ml

Cumin powder 5 gms 

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste 

Malt vinegar 50 ml

Butter 10 gms 

Coriander leaf, lemon 50 gms


Clean and make boneless chicken pieces 100 Gms approx. each of chicken breasts and legs. Marinate with salt, ginger, garlic paste and malt vinegar. Leave at least for half an hour. Squeeze lightly against palms and keep aside

To this mixture add the boneless marinated chicken lightly. Add chopped green coriander stalks. Pour in remaining cream and mix together. Let it rest for two to three hours in refrigerator.

Put the marinated chicken pieces and half cook in tandoor. Take it out and hang it for ten minutes.

Baste it with refined oil and cooking butter mixture and put back in tandoor till it gets light golden colour.

Take out a garnished platter, sprinkle with lemon juice, clarified butter and kebab masala on top and serve accompanied with green coriander/ mint chutney, Laccha onion, lemon wedge.