Sephu Primary School (PS) in Wangdue reported eight cases of chicken pox among students yesterday, taking the total number of infected to 26 since November 2.

The school health in-charge, Rinchen Om, said five students complained of the sickness on November 2 and were sent to Sephu basic health unit (BHU). It was later confirmed that the students were suffering from chicken pox.

Infected students were sent home on medication. The school again reported another six cases on November 3.

The school received another four girls and four boys suffering from chicken pox yesterday. Most of the students infected are below 14 years of age. The school has total of 112 students from pre-primary to class VI.

“This is first time the school has seen outbreak of chicken pox,” she said, adding that at least two cases keep coming in a day. No students, however, have been admitted in the BHU.

Rinchen Om added the school sends students home when they are found to have contacted the disease to prevent from spreading. “The BHU health officials have already come and created awareness to students on the prevention of the disease. We call their parents and advise them to visit BHU, which is 4km from the school.”

Health assistant, Tashi Pelden, said that although it is not confirmed, the outbreak was likely spread from student from Nobding Lower Secondary School who was in Sephu village after he was sent home for treatment.

“Looks like that the student had visited Sephu PS and that was how the disease was spread,” she said. “Since some of the students recovered in a few days the outbreak is not so alarming.”

Yangchen C Rinzin