Nganglam police continue their investigations to uncover the exact extent of the crime

DCCL: Although he is on bail, Nganglam police are still investigating the embezzlement case against Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited’s (DCCL) head of finance and accounts department.

The suspect, according to sources, was arrested after the management on January 5 registered a complaint with Nganglam police on the embezzlement of Nu 8.1M since 2012.

Police detained him on January 15, and he was in custody for 18 days.

On February 2, police sources said they received a order from the court to send him out on bail.

According to police, the case was first reported against the suspect and his four accomplices in the same department.

One of the accomplices is the late accountant, who died in a car accident last year.  But although one of the accomplices is no more, police said they would continue investigating the bank transactions that were made using office money.

“We’ve just begun interrogation and it’s difficult to give concrete information whether the suspect was the only one who’d embezzled the money,” police said.

Police sources also said that the corporation’s internal report showed that the management had learned about the embezzlement after they had to adjust a bill for one of the vendors.

“The vendor’s bill was delayed and the vendor had complained to the management,” police said. “That’s when the management learnt that the money was misused.”

Police said that the management has been asked to prepare an embezzlement report again to find the exact amount of money that was embezzled.

“We’re not sure if the amount would increase, but if it does, then the management will have to forward the case to the Anti-Corruption Commission,” police official said.

DCCL officials refused to comment, saying the case was with the police and that they were waiting for the investigation to complete.  “We’ve informed DHI and we’ve been informed that a team of audit will be sent soon,” officials said.

By Yangchen C Rinzin, Nganglam