Choki Wangmo | Tsirang

At least one child was abused every week in the past four months in Tsirang, Bumthang, and Paro.

Of the 28 violence against cases reported, most are emotional and physical abuse by parents and relatives or someone they know.

The RENEW centres in these dzongkhags received the cases from the courts, walk-in complaints and anonymous informers.

In Tsirang, of 12 cases, 11  were emotional violence and one was a physical abuse.

The centre in Paro registered eight cases of violence against children; one case each of sexual and emotional abuse,  two cases of neglect, and three cases of physical violence.

In Bumthang, emotional violence was one of the highest reported cases at three, followed by two cases each of sexual abuse and neglect, and one of physical violence.

Centre managers said that they work in close collaboration with the National Commission for Women and Children. If the cases are severe, it is forwarded to the police.

Local government leaders also play a critical role in supporting the case workers.

Once a case is filed with the centre, psychosocial and physical assessments of the survivors are carried out, said the case manager in Tsirang, Pasang Deki Moktan.

In general, violence against children is categorised into physical, emotional, sexual, neglect, and exploitation.

The RENEW centre manager in Tsirang, Sonam Choetsho, said that emotional abuse which is the highest reported violence is also one of the most complicated abuse as its effects are not always visible.

However, the impact of all of these abuses on a child is interlinked, she said. “We’ve to work in the best interest of the children and their safety.”