Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

Pemagatshel achieved 100 percent vaccination for children aged five to 11 since March 9.

The dzongkhag’s senior health officer, Singye Dorji, said they established vaccination stations in the 20 health centres and about 2,664 children registered for the vaccination.

He said they received the vaccines on March 4 and distributed it to the 20 stations on March 5. “We started the vaccination on March 6.”

Singye Dorji said they did not receive any reports of side effects so far.

Meanwhile, the vaccination programme for children in Samdrupjongkhar would complete on March 12.

The vaccination in the dzongkhag also started on March 6.

The dzongkhag’s deputy chief health officer, Pema Tshewang, said they established about 56 vaccination centres and about 40 health workers are involved.

He said the dzongkhag had about 4,800 children registered for the vaccination and more than 3,000 were vaccinated until yesterday. “We have received reports of three minor side effects of the vaccine such as headache and low fever so far.”

Pema Tshewang said they would facilitate door-to-door vaccination service for disabled children in the dzongkhag, who could not make it to the vaccination stations from March 13.

Residents said they are happy with the vaccination for minors.

Most said they were worried about their children when Covid-19 positive cases emerged from the community, but they are now relieved after the vaccination.