Tomato 50gms

Carrot 10gms

Soya sauce 5ml

Ginger 5ml

Garlic 1 bud

Vinegar 10ml

Rice paper 1 no

Butter 30gms

Cumin powder to taste

Star anise powder to taste

Cloves to taste

Cabbage 30gms

Garlic crouton 1 pcs


Boil the tomato and remove the skins

Blend it in a blender up to a consistency of a soup

Season it with salt, butter and the ginger-garlic puree

Sprinkle the cumin powder, star anise and the cloves on top of the puree

Add water to bring to a consistency of a soup

Take the cabbage and carrot

Season with salt and butter

Take the rice paper sheet and deep it in water to make it soft

Place it on a work table and place the cabbage and carrot mixture in the middle before rolling it.

Arrange the soup in a bowl on the platter

Arrange the rice-paper roll on the side and place garlic croutons in the bowl

Serve it chilled