Dark Chocolate   80 gms

White chocolate   80 gms

Butter   50gms

Cream  120 ml

Gelatin   7 leaves

Red fruit coulis   30 gms

Strawberry coulis   30 gms

Biscuit (readymade)   3 pcs

Bakers plastic (to be discarded later)   3 pieces (7cm long)

Mint leaf to garnish

Candied orange zest to garnish


Heat both types of chocolates in separate pots

Temper them with butter and add gelatin in the chocolate

Let it cool down

Cut a cylindrical shape from the baker plastic like a mould

Place the biscuit at one end of the plastic cylinder

Pour the dark chocolate on the top of one cylinder

Pour white chocolate on the top of the other two cylinders

Set the 3 cylinders in the freezer till it is half frozen

After taking them out, pour the alternate coulis (Red fruit coulis and strawberry coulis) on top before discarding the bakers plastic

Arrange them on plate and garnish with mint leaves and candied orange zest.