Neten Dorji | Trashigang

Trashigang dzongkhag court on March 5 convicted and sentenced four men to life imprisonment for vandalising four choetens in Trashigang.

The court found Sherub Thayee and Tshewang Gyeltshen from Phimsong village in Phongmey gewog, and Wangchen and Lobzang Wangchuk from Bidung gewog guilty of committing offences against the Ku-Sung Thuk-ten or Zung.  The crime is graded a first-degree felony.

Sherub Thayee, 36, was convicted for vandalising Lu-bum and Namgyel Khangzang choeten in Bidung gewog, and Mani dangrim and Bumpa choeten in Phongmey gewog, Trashigang.

Wangchen, a 26-year old man, from Dogorom village in Bidung gewog confessed to robbing three choetens after plotting with his friends.

According to the judgement, Lobzang Wangchuk, 23, had confessed that he witnessed the crime while his three friends robbed the Lu-Bum choeten in Bidung gewog. “As he’s involved in the vandalism, he must be sentenced for lifetime imprisonment,” the judgment stated.

Tshewang Gyelthen, 33, was also sent for life imprisonment for accompanying Sherub Thayee and Wangchen in vandalising the Mani Dangrim choetens in Phimsong, and for his involvement in the smuggling the stolen relics.  He was paid Nu 15,000 to accompany Sherub Thayee and Wangchen.


the nangtens (relics) of four choetens, including a black dzee (four eyes) and two dzees (three eyes), four corals, and a copper vessel have been recovered.