Tashi Phuntsho

The four National Council (NC) candidates of Chukha dzongkhag pledge to enact and review policies and existing laws to fulfill the needs of the people and country.

The candidates shared their pledges and vision for the dzongkhag and nation during the 2-hour debate on national television from Chukha on March 21.

The candidate from Loggchina gewog, Damcho Gyeltshen pledged to formulate new laws to empower people and to protect their rights. Engage in national programmes that need attention and intervention with the government to plan, and formulate policies in view of present needs and future sustainability goals.

The 36-year-old pledged to plan and seek expedient strategies for delivering fairness and equity in public service upholding the principles of gross national happiness.

Damcho Gyeltshen worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Norbu International Wellness Institute and Norbu Healing and Arts Centre, a joint venture company. He has a master degree from Stamford International University, Thailand.

With 244 Yes votes and 29 No votes, Loggchina gewog nominated him as their candidate for the NC elections for the second time.

Hem Prasad Rai, 36, pledged to bring policies for balanced development in the country.

“I’ll be proactive and participate in the deliberations on the issues and concerns raised by the public and ensure to resolve them amicably for the greater benefit and interest of the nation and the people,” he said.

Hem Prasad Rai said that he would focus on safeguarding the national interests of the country and fulfill the aspirations of the citizens by harmonising policies, rules and regulations, and other irrelevant laws.

Hem Prasad Rai has a master’s degree from Nalanda University, Bihar in India. He worked as a hardware technician for CBR Enterprise. He has bachelor degree in Language and Sulture Studies from Taktse Trongsa, and MSc in Ecology and Environment from Nalanda University, India.

He was nominated from Phuentsholing gewog with 210 Yes votes and 63 No votes at the dhamngoi zomdu.

Bongo gewog’s candidate and the incumbent NC member Sangay Dorji was nominated to contest in the NC election. Before he was elected, he was a school principal.

He said that he would focus on safeguarding the sanctity of the Constitution. “Advocate multi-pronged interventions to address growing social inequality,” he said.

He pledges to focus on youth related issues and advocate realistic solutions and being responsive to citizens’ needs and request the government to examine the necessity of any law and propose new laws in consultation with electorates. “Together we shall ensure successful implementation of remaining 12th Plan development activities and 13th Plan activities.”

Sangay Dorji, 42, has a masters in Educational Management and Administration. He has 13 years of experience in civil service.

He was the lone aspirant candidate during the gewog zomdu from Gedu Miritsemo and secured 535 Yes votes and 36 No votes.

The Phuentsholing thromde candidate, Tandin Wangchuk said he would focus on reviewing and enacting laws according to public’s need, review agriculture policies to benefit the farming community, and promote eco-friendly tourism in Chukha dzongkhag.

He promised that he would focus on providing support and facilitating the local government for better public service. “I’ll work on empowering youth with better policies and engaging them in nation building activities.”

If elected he will work for the betterment of the nation with utmost dedication and uphold the Constitution.

He has a bachelor’s degree from Calcutta University in India. He resigned as manager of Peldrup Builders to contest in the elections.

Phuentsoling Thromde nominated Tandin Wangchuk, 32, with 74 Yes votes and 13 No votes.

Maedtabkha, Samphelling, Doongna, Geling, Getena, Darla, Chhapcha, and Bjagchhog gewogs did not nominate any candidates.