Meeting the zero infant and under-five mortality rates are the only targets Chukha has not achieved during the 11th Plan. These targets are listed as at risk.

Chukha has achieved 45 of the 54 targets, according to the report the dzongkhag officials presented yesterday in Gedu. Seven targets are on track and bear no risks.

At the review, Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay said he didn’t consider the two zero mortality rate indicators as risks. “These type of targets are unachievable anywhere in the world,” he said.

Lyonchhen said that few newborns and children would die at childbirth and due to illness. “The target itself were inappropriate,” he said.

Meanwhile, the construction of Paga Goenpa and Gedu lhakhang, the Sinchula boys’ hostel and Chapcha community centre, Kamji Central School (CS) and Pakshikha CS are among the targets that are on-going. These projects would spill over into the 12th Plan.

In Phuentsholing thromde, the construction of Rinchending integrated checkpost, the Bhalujhora bridge land customs office at Pasakha, and mini dry port are other works that are on going.

Road was a major highlight in the final report review yesterday. Chukha constructed 56 new farm roads running about 284.7km in the 11th Plan.

Further, 25 farm roads stretching about 358.7km were maintained. About 19.35km gewog centre (GC) road have also been blacktopped in Bongo, Dungna, and Metedkha gewogs.

Metedkha gup Passang Tshering said that small vehicles couldn’t ply the gewog’s road and that people pay Nu 7,000 to hire a Bolero pickup from Ganglakha to Metedkha. “Although it is blacktopped, portions of road in between are not and problematic,” he said.

Lyonchhen said that he understood the road condition of Dungna, Metedkha, and Getena. “We have spent about Nu 185M but it is still not completed,” he said. “Contractors have not worked accordingly.”

Lyonchhen said that blacktop works had to be awarded to contractors because people wouldn’t agree to government doing it.

“When we give the job to contractors, we don’t have the rights,” he said, adding that the government had to keep chasing contractors to complete the works. “It feels like the government has failed but it is not.”

However, Lyonchhen said that these works would be done during the 12th Plan for which budget would be arranged.

The 54-km Getena GC road would also be blacktopped in the next plan. More than Nu 150 million (M) has been allocated for the work.

Lyonchhen also said that he visited 205 gewogs in the last five years and understood people’s needs beyond the plan. However, the practice of presenting the results of the FYP’s final report at the end of the plan was not practised before.

“So I started this,” he said. “By doing this, people will know about their roles and responsibilities.”

Rajesh Rai | Gedu