But the fire is still burning uncontrollably in Paro

Fire: The forest fire that began at Chuzom has been brought under control in Thimphu but continues to burn towards Paro.

A forest department official said that the fire was brought under control before it reached the village of Kariphu in Thimphu.

It was pointed out that there is a low chance of it reigniting and spreading into Thimphu. However, the official said that if the fire in Paro changes direction there is always the possibility that it reenters Thimphu.

The forest fire did come close to the village of Kariphu in Paro, but the official said that the village of three households is not in any immediate danger. The village is mostly made up of abandoned ruins.


According to reports from Paro, the fire has reached near Jatey Lhakhang and the hilltop of Tshengang.

It was also reported that if the fire cannot be controlled by today, another lhakhang, Dongkola, could be at high risk of catching fire.

Meanwhile, firefighters decided not to use the government’s helicopter, yesterday. Officials had been discussing the possibility of using it to transport firefighters, equipment and other supplies to the fire front.

More than 500 firefighters, including personnel of the army, police, forest department, Bhutan Power corporation, Desuung, and volunteers have been battling the fire that began at Chuzom on February 15.

Gyalsten K Dorji