Mix sieved flour with yeast, sugar, salt and add milk to make smooth dough. Finish the dough with soft butter

Cover it with cling wrap and keep it aside for 30 minutes

In a clean pan, heat orange juice with sugar and cinnamon sticks, add chopped apricot, dates, almond and raisins. Cook till the mixture becomes paste consistency, keep aside to cool down

Roll out yeast dough with the help of rolling pin and make sure thickness is not more than 3mm and cut into rounds with 3 inch diameter

Keep apricot mixture in the center of the round and fold it into half-moon shape, seal the edges with the help of fork

Fry in medium heated oil till golden brown and toss with castor sugar, serve hot.

Serves: Four

For Empanadas Dough:

Ingredients Quantity

Refined flour (Maida) 400gm

Sugar 20gm

Salt 2gm

Butter 50gm

Yeast 3gm

Milk 200 ml


For Cinnamon Apricot 

and Date Filling:

Dried apricot 100gm

Deseeded dates 60gm

Orange juice 75ml

Cinnamon sticks 2gm

Almond 40gm

Raisin 50gm

Sugar 75gm

Castor sugar 30gm