With two months to go, beautification work at its peak

Thromde:  The drivers in the long line of cars wait for their turn to cross the roundabout in Drentoen lam near the National Pension and Provident Fund building in the capital. It is about 1:15 pm and many office-workers are out for their lunch break.

There has been unusual traffic congestion on the city roads for the past few weeks. The constructions of three gates disrupt traffic flow as the temporary lane prevents two-way vehicular traffic.

Amid a stream of traffic, Kezang Tshering, 28, is busy bending the metal wires to the desired shapes. Bathed in sweat, Kezang Tshering and his friends are constructing a Tashi Tagay (The eight lucky signs) on the roundabout.

He said that the deadline for completion of work is nearing and they are trying to finish the work as early as possible. “Sometimes we start our work at 7am and work till six in the evening.”

Beautification of the capital is in full swing with only two months left for the 60th birth anniversary celebrations of His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

Kezang Tshering working on the Bumpa at the Drentoen lam roundabout

Kezang Tshering working on the Bumpa at the Drentoen lam roundabout

Seven roundabouts in the capital will have glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) railings surrounding sculptures of Thuenpa Puenzhi (The four harmonious friend), Tashi Zeygay (The eight auspicious objects), Doebi Yonten Nga (Five objects of sensual pleasure), Natsog Reldri (Diverse auspicious dagger) and Choebi Lham (The goddess of offering).

Thromde’s officiating chief with the environment division, Tshering Penjor, said the wooden railings require frequent maintenance adding to Thromde’s expenditure. The GFRC railings are a permanent structure and will not require maintenance.

The estimated cost for the railings including pre-cast cement (PCC) base and painting is Nu 2.33 million (M) while the sculptures alone cost about Nu 2M.

Thimphu thromde designed and coordinate the construction of the two gates while the Department of National Properties is responsible for the third gate. The two gates cost about Nu 3.1M.

Thromde’s executive engineer, Pekar Rabgay said that according to the urban plan requirement, the distance between the gate’s pillars has to be about 6.62 meters. Both the gates measure about seven meters in length in between the two pillars and 5.5 meters in height.

“Two vehicles can easily pass through the gate at a time,” he said. “The gate near Changlemithang stadium will have pedestrian path on both its sides.”

The thromde will also coordinate the construction of viewing deck along Thimchu and a water fountain at the Coronation Park. Benches in the parks and people resting places like in Sangaygang, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Memorial choeten, will also be installed. The construction of water fountain including lighting will cost more than Nu 1M.

To hide the automobile workshops in Olakha, a PCC base bamboo fence measuring about 60 meters long will be build along the expressway. “The workshops in Olakha is an eyesore to travelers,” said Tshering Penjor.

All works are expected to be complete by November.

Dechen Tshomo


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