This is with regard to the rumour on social media that a Kuensel reporter had come into direct contact with a Covid-19 positive person.

Kuensel management would like to clarify that our reporter had NOT come into contact, directly or indirectly, with a Covid-19 positive patient. The reporter, on an assignment, on May 15 had visited a quarantine centre (hotel) in Thimphu. The reporter, with consent of the hotel owner and the knowledge of security personnel, had entered the “Green Zone” area of the hotel. The interview was conducted over telephone from the reception. The same reporter had also visited the facility on May 14 for a different news story. During the two visits, drivers accompanied the reporter inside the hotel.

The health ministry has traced the reporter, the two drivers and the immediate contacts. Based on the ministry’s quarantine protocol, 16 people including 11 Kuensel staff are placed under home quarantine for a week. The reporter and the drivers are quarantined for 21 days for breach of quarantine rules.

Meanwhile, the health ministry confirmed that there are no restrictions on people to visit Kuensel. However, the ministry urges people to use the Druk Trace app and follow regular hygiene practices.