Case transferred to Trashigang court to avoid conflict of interest 

Tshering Namgyal  | Mongar

To avoid conflict of interest, the alleged battery case involving the Wamrong drangpon’s wife and the drungkhag cleaner’s wife, which was registered at the drungkhag court will be registered at the Trashigang court.

The cleaner reported the case to police on April 27, a day after the incident, which was registered and forwarded to the drungkhag court on May 21.

The incident happened in the evening of April 26 when the cleaner’s wife was planting spring onion in the kitchen garden outside her makeshift hut near the drangpon’s quarter. The cleaner alleged that the drangpon’s wife yelled at her for trespassing.

“When I saw her approaching, I went to my house. She waited at the doorstep and we exchanged words. She came inside my house and grabbed my hair,” she said adding that she couldn’t remember what happened after that.

“When I came to sense, there was a severe pain on my neck and the back,” she claimed.  She went to Riserboo hospital that night and came back. Next day, she went back again for follow up and was admitted for three nights.

In a telephonic interview, the cleaner’s wife alleged that it’s been around four years she has been verbally abused and harassed although it’s first time she has been physically abused.

The cleaner’s wife later visited the Mongar regional referral hospital where she was admitted for 11 nights and discharged to come back for review next month.

The CT scan conducted at Mongar hospital revealed an impression of “break in the outer cortex of left lamina of C2 vertebra fracture and straightened cervical curvature, possibly due to muscle spasm.”

The cleaner’s wife said that as evidence, they had  a video of the incident captured by her 14-year-old son on a mobile phone. But she claimed that it was deleted from her phone by the drangpon saying it was illegal if it went viral.

“Except my current physical condition and that video recording, I don’t have any evidences. I wish the case be heard soon and justice be delivered at the earliest,” she said. There is, however, another short clip still with her.

Meanwhile, the drangpon’s wife said she would be in the position to share her views only after the court proceedings.

The case was registered with the drungkhag court on May 21 after the Police forwarded it and drungkhag official said it would be transferred to Trashigang dzongkhag court today to avoid conflict of interest.

Police has charged the woman for battery and trespassing while the cleaner’s wife and the son has been charged for battery.

The cleaner’s wife is currently undergoing a follow up treatment at Riserboo hospital. Meanwhile cleaner’s wife said the family has rented a house near the road to Trashitse high school.