Not many years ago, when prisoners escaped from Chamgang Central Jail, commentators on the social media suggested the authorities to build “higher” walls. The humour had a deep meaning. Today, when Spasmo Proxyvon Plus (SP+) is found inside the jail, the best possible suggestion would be to demolish the wall because it does not seem to serve the purpose quite all right.

Who could easily smuggle drugs into the jail without the notice of anybody is a thing of wonder. But thanks to the proliferation and effectiveness of the social media, we are getting to witness continuous unfolding of needless drama between the police and the public. Getting the contrabands into jails is easy, even in the detention centres!

We need to find, really, who is playing the game and why?

The question of accountability comes in when such incidents happen inside the confines of the law enforcement agents. It is just too manifestly natural because the question of discipline and professionalism comes up the sooner when there are the law enforcers and no other body between the inmates and those who try to smuggle contrabands into the jails.

It is disturbing to know that rather than focusing on promising corrective programmes in our jails and detention centres, we are facilitating drug trafficking and the growth of the habits that the nation is spending so much to set it right.

Investigations are going on, we are told. But such investigations have a way to not only hit a cul-de-sac but also clinically disappear altogether. That happening, the people have all the more reasons to lose faith in the very system and institutions that have the mandate to protect, educate and empower our citizens who we have entrusted to them for care and their well-being.

We need more than the comfort of small promises. Worse the lies and the theatrics like finger-pointing that we have seen enough of. The investigation must bring out without fear and favour how drugs get into the jail cells.