Connectivity: A heavy cloud burst occurred in eastern Bhutan in the area of Kanglung-Trashigang at around 2pm yesterday, according to a press release issued by Project DANTAK.

“Such was the intensity of the cloud burst that the debris which came along the Rongthang and Bamrichhu rivers buried with it the existing bailey bridges on the Samdrupjongkhar-Trashigang highway located at KM161 and KM172 between Kanglung and Trashigang,” it is stated in the press release.

However, it is pointed out that the recently constructed concrete bridges, while covered with slush  did not suffer any damage.

Project DANTAK reopened the road to traffic within two hours after clearing rubble and slush that had accumulated on the two new concrete bridges, the press release states.

“It is still not clear whether the bailey bridges have been buried under the debris which came due to the cloud burst or have been washed away,” the press release adds. “Teams of Project DANTAK are trying to locate the components of the bridges and a clear situation will emerge only once the rain subsides and debris is removed.”

Staff reporter