KP Sharma

The education ministry considers clustering the principals would enhance efficiency in schools.

In a bid to improve efficiency in the education system, the Education Ministry is exploring the possibility of appointing cluster principals under its cluster school programme. A cluster principal would manage and administer three schools located in close proximity, according to the ministry. This approach would lead to greater efficiency in resource management and in schools’ overall operations.

Tshewang Chophel Dorji, the Acting Education Secretary, said that a proposal would be submitted to the government after the ministry completes its detailed plan.

The appointment of cluster principals would save costs for the country and is a common practice in schools worldwide, he said. Cluster schools, he said, have been proven to work well in schools situated in close proximity, leading to sharing of resources, and better facilities.

What needs to be understood is that not all schools will be brought under clusters. A feasibility and convenience study will be carried out before the plan is implemented.

According to the acting secretary, a principal could manage a school half an hour away with ease, which wouldn’t impact current positions.

The appointment of cluster principals is expected to increase the number of schools under one principal, hence the need to consider raising remuneration and incentives.

Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering approved of the concept, saying it is in line with transformational goals and will lead to effective management of administration and resources despite minor issues at the beginning.