Entrepreneurship: Dorji Tshering, a student from Gaeddu College of Business Studies, represented Bhutan at the Global Entrepreneurship Awards (GSEA).

Dorji Tshering is the first Bhutanese to participate in the GSEA.

GSEA is a global competition for students who operate a profitable business while attending a college or university. Fifty students from fifty different countries participated in the GSEA Global Finals that took place in Bangkok from May 10 to 12.

Dorji Tshering operates a very lucrative printing and photocopying business within the college campus through which he earns a net profit of Nu 30,000 every month. The venture was funded under the SEED (Student Empowerment through Entrepreneurship Development) programme of the Loden Foundation.

Loden Foundation offers grants of Nu 100,000 to various institutes to support student-led ventures within the college campus to inculcate entrepreneurial skills and promote entrepreneurship among the young adults in the RUB colleges and Technical Training Institutions.

Dorji was also the winner of the Bhutan Student Entrepreneurship Award, which was organised for the first time by Loden Foundation in November 2015 in collaboration with GSEA.

Staff reporter