Colony FC (CFC) defeated Lungwang Norphel Transport United (LNTU) with four goals to one in the second open monsoon football tournament final held at Nganglam, Pemagatshel, on August 5.

The month-long league-cum-knockout tournament started on July 9 with 11 teams.

The Nganglam heat did not deter the players from both teams playing in the final. CFC’s jersey number 11, Jamyang, started the score in the 18th minutes. Since then CFC repeatedly tried to score. But LNTU’s team members defended by controling Jamyang, making it difficult for the opponent to score. The first half of the game ended with CFC’s lone goal.

LNTU got several opportunities to score in the second half but the boys failed. Their jersey number 20 came to the rescue with an equalizer in the 54th minute.

Although both the teams were equally strong, CFC’s jersey number nine scored another goal in the 65th minute. CFC’s jersey 11 scored another goal.

CFC’s lead scorer Jamyang scored another goal in the 80th minute.

Meanwhile, this year, Nganglam residents also watched the first ever open monsoon football tournament for women where the Old Friend United (OFU) defeated the Phatong United (PU) with 5-2.

OFU’s jersey number 15, Cheki Zangmo opened the score in the 15th minute but since both the teams were equally strong, PU’s jersey number 11, Tshering Tshomo scored in the 27th minute and the first half ended in a draw.

Since both the teams could not score in the second half, they were given another 14 minutes extra but they scored none. However, the game resulted in a penalty kick to decide the match.

OFU scored four while PU scored one in the penalty kick since their three shots have been saved by OFU’s goalie. Six women teams participated in the tournament.

Women participants said that such tournament is good for women sports enthusiasts and it also brings people together.

A participant said that she did not play football after her school days and she is happy to participate because there is no platform for women who are interested in football. “We are looking forward to participating in future.”

More than 100 people gathered to watch the game and most of the shops remained closed during the game because the tournament is one of the biggest sports events in Nganlam.

The tournament organiser, Jigme Wangchuk, said the entry fee for women is Nu 6,000 and Nu 11,111 for men. “I have kept Nu 11,111 for boys because I will donate the Nu one ngultrum notes to the Bhutan Kidney Foundation on behalf of the participants.”

The winner of the tournament received cash price Nu 30,000 and runner-up took home  Nu 20,000 while winner for the women was awarded Nu 10,500 and Nu 8,500 for runner-up.

Kelzang Wangchuk | Nganglam