Nima | Gelephu

With the pandemic disrupting the import of required construction materials, most gewogs in Sarpang are planning important developmental projects through community contracts.

Gakiling’s gewog administration has plans to award most of its farm road maintenance work such as building walls, drainage and laying of base course to the community contractors.

Gakiling gup, Nim Dorji said most activities were disturbed by the pandemic. “Therefore, we have prepared projects below Nu 1 million to be awarded via community contracts.”

The community contract allows gewog administration to award development projects below Nu 1.5 million to villages without tender process. This is expected to benefit the village and encourage ownership of the infrastructure developed by the group of people.

Nim Dorji said the gewog was stressing more on it because tendering process is expected to take time. “There is not much of works that require imported materials for the works that would be assigned for community contracts.”

He added that the basis of community contract was not to get profit from the work.

“This should give a sense of ownership and ensure good quality. Lot of quality compromise happen in the works done by others,” said Nim Dorji.

The opportunity given through the community has also empowered some villagers to become more skillful and experienced.

Gelephu gup, Ugyen Wangchuk, said that some villagers from the gewog had started to process contract licence after they took up some community contracts.

“Most of the work done through community contracts was well received by the stakeholders. This is almost like a voluntary work because the projects are done at a minimum cost,” he said.

He added that the people taking part in the community contracts had the experience and skills of working in bigger projects that were carried out by licensed contractors.

The gewog has awarded more than seven different projects through community contracts to date. The number of people participating in community contract has been increasing over the years.

The community contract was initiated in 2011. Licensed contractors are not allowed to take part in the community contract works.