YK Poudel 

At the twilight of her life, 87-year-old Moti Maya Rai got a new house. It is in some ways a new beginning for the family. Moti Maya and her family of four have moved into the new house built by a group of volunteers.

The house, with four rooms, is the result of an inspiring display of unity and community vitality among residents of Doophugchen (Dorokha), Samtse. An unofficial youth group called Nirvana Path Community took up the initiative while members of the community supported it along with many volunteers who came forward for help.

Today, the elderly mother, two of her daughters and son-in-law live happily in their new home. Recollecting their financial condition, the mother said that they were worried about their old house with the monsoon approaching.

Moti Maya Rai


Buddhi Maya Rai, 43, the younger daughter said that their old house with CGI zinc sheets and partly thatched roof would not shelter them during monsoon. “This is a dream come true for my mother who for years wished for a new house for her family.”

Buddhi Maya works in one of the farms in the village and is the sole breadwinner. “ My salary is not enough to support the family. I couldn’t even dream of building a house,” she said. Both her sister and in-law are disabled. She requested the group of volunteers who were willing to come forward to support.

After they moved into the new house following a simple ritual, the volunteers also provided them with some simple furniture and ration.

Amrith Bahadur Limbu, a volunteer said that over 70 volunteers joined the initiative to construct the house for the village elder. “The house is an outcome of unity and common understanding in the community. Although, there is no personal gain in it – the difference we could create is worth the effort.”

Tshering Penjor, the treasurer and a volunteer said that the project has been supported through community volunteers, financial assistance, assets and labour support. 

The one-storey house with four rooms was constructed in a modern style using concrete and CGI sheets. The construction was completed in two months costing about Nu 100,000.

Doophugchen Gup, Phuntsho said that this is the second initiative from the people of Dorokha gewog. “The community members are in the process of completing another house for another elderly mother in the gewog,” he said. “Such support stands as a testament to the collective power of unity, inspiring others to follow suit and create positive change in their communities.”