Nim Dorji  | Trongsa

The complaints about cracks on the homes in Kuengarabten in Trongsa are increasing.

The affected people said there was no update after the recent meeting between the gewog, dzongkhag and MHPA.

Chimi, a resident, said she was worried there could be slide anytime.

“We want to know what measures are being taken,” she added.

Some people have already begun looking for safer place.

A woman who did not want to be named said that she was looking for a safer house nearby where she can move in.

“It is difficult to find a house,” she added.

The people say that the cracks are getting bigger but no one was coming for inspection.

Changrey Tshogpa Lodey said that the gewog had formed a committee to inspect the area. People are asked to inform the committee if the cracks are growing.

Some shops along the roads are also affected. Cracks have developed even on the roads.

One of the houses is in critical condition. It could collapse anytime which would affect the houses below, people say.

The officials from MHPA said an investigation was carried out in the area and the authority was still monitoring the situation.

Some people are using sticks to mark the cracks to observe the changes.

Kuengarabten, once the winter capital of Bhutan, is gradually falling apart.

Cracks of varying sizes on the walls of homes, roads, and footpaths began since early November.

Residents fear that the cracks would grow bigger and their homes could slide down to the river.

About 18 households from the locality have complained to gewog administration.

Investigation team from the dzongkhag team reported distortion of the structure was due to geological metamorphosis. It was also reported tunnelling of MHPA could be one of the causes.