Gup refutes all the allegations

Choki Wangmo | Tsirang

Two individuals have lodged complaints against the former Tashiding gup in Dagana.

While one is a boundary issue, the other one is a verbal complaint against the individual for visiting a gathering during the current local government election (LG) period.

It was learnt the High Court ordered officials from the dzongkhag land record section to visit the site yesterday to investigate the boundary case, as the case is under trial.

Land surveyors are reportedly surveying the disputed boundary to resolve the issue.

Sources said that although the complainant, Upendra Rezil, had lodged a boundary issue case against the gewog administration earlier, he now alleges the issue was with the former gup and not the gewog administration.

The issue is expected to be resolved once the survey is completed.

Gup Namgay Peldon refuted the allegation.

She said that the boundary case is against the gewog administration and has nothing to do with her.

According to her, the case dates to 2016 where the complainant complained that two-kilometre farm road construction did not benefit him, although it passed through his land.

She said that the gewog administration even tried to compensate him Nu 2,000, but he refused it and took the case to the dzongkhag, and further to the High Court.

The court then instructed the dzongkhag to properly demarcate the areas to resolve the related issue.

The other complaint against the former gup was that she visited a mourning family in the chiwog, which is against the election rules.

The verbal complaint was made to election officials.

However, the returning officer said that since it was a verbal complaint, he directed the individual to file a written complaint with the gewog administration, who will then forward it to the dzongkhag election dispute settlement committee.

The committee is headed by the dzongdag.

The former gup, however, said that she didn’t go anywhere against the rules, but attended a common forum in a chiwog with permission from the returning officer (RO).

The gup is among the eight former gups in Dagana who were nominated from the dhamngoi zomdus.

Meanwhile, this is the only allegation lodged to the RO’s office in Dagana as of now.

Edited by Tashi Dema