Infrastructure: The Jangchub choeten in Ura, Bumthang, that was supposed to have been completed this year is still under construction. Completion has been delayed due to financial constraints.

The choeten is being constructed at Talingthang. Expected to be 138 feet in height and 78 feet wide, the choeten will be the largest in the country once complete.

However, progress of the construction has been delayed due to financial constraints. The people of Ura Dozhi who are building the choeten are dependent on donations.

Construction of the choeten is being monitored by a committee called the Choeten Tshogpa ever since the demise of the former gup of Ura who had initiated the building of the choeten.

The drungyig of the tshogpa, Ugyen Dorji, said they buy construction materials with the money donated by the people while villagers of Ura Dozhi contribute free labour. More villagers are seen coming to work for the choeten construction during the auspicious days.

Ugyen Dorji said the choeten should have been completed last year but could not be due to its large size. “We expect to complete it by next year,” he said.

A Khenpo of a Tshampa from Ura, who lives in Pemakoe in Tibet, contributed Nu 1.1 million with which the work is being carried out currently.

“We had to spend quite a huge chunk of the money for purchasing cement and rods,” Ugyen Dorji said.

Construction started in March last year and completion was planned to coincide with the 60th Birth Anniversary of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

Ugyen Dorji said many renowned lams have said that the building of a choeten in that particular location would be a blessing for the Uraps and the country as a whole.

The financial constraint being faced was discussed during the last dzongkhag tshogdu. Former Ura mangmi, Karma Wangdi said the dzongkhag tshogdu resolved to ask the dzongkhag to write to the finance ministry requesting for financial assistance.

Nima Wangdi | Ura