Nima Wangdi

With the announcement that government would no longer follow contact tracing, people are confused as to whether they should scan Druk Trace App QR codes which is solely meant for contact tracing.

Ugyen Tshering from Zilukha said scanning had become a habit. “I didn’t know contact tracing has been discontinued. I don’t see any use of scanning if this is the case.”

He said most of the people don’t scan the QR codes; many codes  don’t even work.

Dema, also from Zilukha, said she doesn’t scan the QR codes any more. “Those positive cases will be isolated at their own homes and the contacts will go to flu clinic only if they experienced symptoms. Sometimes having to update the app is a hassle.”

However, health officials say it is important for the people to continue scanning the QR codes because there is no saying what kind of variant would follow the Omicron. “It is very important to keep the system that is already in place.”

An official also said that following preventive measures like  scanning Druk Trace App QR codes, physical distancing, washing hands and wearing face masks at all times is important.